Hey Everybody!  Welcome to Suzanne Levesque and Craig Bignell's new site for "Over The Moon Acoustic Roots Duo"   This is just one of the ways we get to play music for a living but it's quickly becoming one of our favourites.  As we have both spent most of our careers so far backing up other artists,  this is a way for us to get back to basics and really develop our sound using only what acoustic instruments we  play and our voices.

  It's great fun to work out two part harmonies that blend and suit the music and still add the right emotion to the stories they tell.  Also, if we want the sound of an instrument we don't play, we just get one and start studying until we are able to add it.  Haha, that adds to some funny moments on stage but I guess that's what playing real music is about! 

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and we promise to have more music, videos and photos up here as our fledgling project band moves forward!

Take good care,

Suzanne and Craig

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Over The Moon's Live Show Dates


With Charlie Major

Century Casino, Edmonton

Suzanne and I will be doing our day jobs being musicians in Charlie's band. He's great and you'll love the show as much as we will:)


with Charlie Major

Brandon MB