From the recording Chinook Waltz

“Lonesome Bluebird” 4:10 written by (Craig Bignell and Suzanne Levesque)
A friend of ours gave us an old open back banjo that was made in England in 1898. After having it totally refurbished, I tuned it, but not up to pitch, and started playing the little riff you hear on this song. I thought it sounded like a bird singing away first thing on a spring morning. Suzanne was working on some lyrics at the same time about a girl that was missing most of life’s opportunities because to was too afraid to just get out there and do it. She likened her to a beautiful bluebird that just sat in her tree everyday looking beautiful, but never learned to fly. We put our two ideas together and we came up with this sweet, but sad song…


(Craig Bignell & Suzanne Levesque)
Bluebird, lonesome bluebird Would never, learn to fly Bound to, a life that she knew But in her dreams she flew To the sky
Afraid she’d fall right to the ground and it would end her life She didn’t have the courage to take to the sky
She watch the others swirl around her, way up high Little bluebird
Pretty, oh so pretty
Every feather, shines like the sky Pity, it's such a pity They’re never, used to fly
She groomed her brilliant feathers clean and everyone could see She's as perfect as a picture sitting high up in the tree
If she'd only take a chance then she’d be flying free Lonesome bluebird
Bluebird, don’t be blue bird It’s never, too late to fly Don’t cling to, a life that you knew Your heart will guide you
To fly