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Happy New Year! 

   Well, it looks like another Christmas and New Years has come and gone and we'd like to wish all of our friends, family and followers a happy and healthy 2020.  2019 was a pretty amazing year for our wee duo, as we we had so many highlights it's hard to keep track:)  A couple of the big ones were getting a chance to take our music and stories across China, playing some of their biggest and most beautiful theaters and even coming home with a bunch of new friends. One of them even followed us as far as…

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"East Meets Western" Tour of China 


 Well, the week before we left on our "East Meets Western" Tour of China,  was pretty frantic, to say the least. Since our friends in China couldn't have an upright bass at every venue for Suzanne, we decided to ask Charlie Chadwick to build us one and just prayed that it would be here in time for our trip. Somehow he did it and Suzanne couldn't be happier with the bass and that fact that it folds down into a flyable case, makes it even better.

 It was quite a task to get through the airport with 5…

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Welcome to our first Blog post! 

    Well, here goes our first attempt at a Blog... We know most of our friends and followers are as interested in our adventures while we're out on the road as they are in our music:)  Trying to get from show to show and some of the unbelievable places and predicaments we've ended up in seems to resonate with them... Haha, that's still one of our favorite things about making music together while not having enough money to fly everywhere and staying in the best hotels.

  We are blessed to travel in our old…

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