Over The Moon Acoustic Roots Duo Videos

Over The Moon...Video Well, here's a start to our video collection...more to come soon.

Well, since Mambo #5 did't catch on in Longview...We thought this would:)

How much fun is this tune? We love Slaid Cleaves

We wrote our song Turtle Mountain about Alberta's 1903 Frank Slide disaster. Since April 29 is the anniversary, we thought we'd add some photos of it to our song and create a little video. The photos, words, and music don't begin to do it justice. You have to go visit the site yourselves...

Here's the first song we played at a great house concert in Eganville Ontario... We had a blast and the folks were with us from the first note...Well, maybe after Suzanne started singing:)

Here's the title song off of our "Moondancer" album. Our neighbor, Ian Tyson gave this song to us to record.  No one writes like Ian does!!!!!