Over The Moon Acoustic Roots Duo Videos

Over The Moon...Video Well, here's a start to our video collection...more to come soon.

Here's a clip of us performing this wonderful Ray Hughes song "Live" at the Vic Juba Theatre in Lloyminster, Alberta. Jason Cabanaw did an amazing job of making this sound so good with just one ETL mic!

This is our version of Julie Miller's "I Can't Get Over You". Simply put...We love this song:) We recorded it on our "Chinook Waltz" album...

Well, since Mambo #5 did't catch on in Longview...We thought this would:)

John Ware was born into slavery in South Carolina and ended up becoming one of Alberta's most respected and loved cowboys. It was quite a journey and we loved writing about it!

This is our first real concept video "Lonesome Bluebird" . Thanks to Ken Stead Productions for putting it together with the crazy ideas we picked up from watching Cat Ballou :)