From the recording Chinook Waltz

“Kentucky” 3:39 written by (Karl Davis)
Two years ago, Mel Wilson passed away here in the foothills. Not only was Mel an amazing guitarist/singer, he was also a very dear friend of ours, and to almost every musician we know. He always wanted us to learn the old Everly Brothers song “Kentucky” and sadly, we never got around to it. This one’s for you, Melvin! We tried to make it nice and sparse, just the way you like it…


Kentucky Karl Davis
Kentucky, you are the dearest land outside of heaven to me
Kentucky, I miss your laurels and your red bud trees
When I die, I want to rest upon your graceful mountains so high
Kentucky, that is where God will look for me
Kentucky, I miss the voices singing in the silvery moonlight
Kentucky, I miss the hound dog chasing moons
I know that my mother dad & sweetheart are all waiting for me
Kentucky, I will be coming soon