From the recording Chinook Waltz

5. “I Can’t Get Over You” 3:34 written by (Julie Miller)
We were at Folk Alliance International a couple of years ago in Montreal. It was our last night there and we had just finished playing our last showcase at 2am. We were waiting for the elevator with all of our instruments, and there was a another band there waiting as well. They all piled in when it finally came, but one of them and the two of us (and our instruments) couldn’t fit in. While we waited for the next one, I asked the man dressed in Mexican looking cloths, “What kind of music do you guys play”. He replied, “TexMex man” He went on to say that he was an Tejano accordion player. I told him that one of my heroes was Flaco Jimenez and he replied “He was my teacher since I was six!!! Long story short… Joshua Baca from Los Texmaniacs is playing on this song… We’ll never complain about missing an elevator again!


Julie Miller
I've been trying for a long, long time
But no matter what I do
When I turn to leave my heart stays behind, cause I can't get over you.

I keep movin’ on, running hard and fast But everywhere that I run to
I'm just standing still, living in the past,
cause I can't get over you.

If memories were like the leaves that fall
The wind would have carried them from my mind.
The seasons pass but they never change.
A broken heart can't keep time.

I have watched as colours faded in the sun .
The colour of my love stays true.
I've been letting go now,
I'm not holding on.
I just can't get over you
I just can’t get over you