From the recording Chinook Waltz

I’m Not Cool
Well, again we tried to make this one sound like it was from the 40’s. It’s all about being a rural guy in the ultra cool world of music. All is not lost though. Meeting a beautiful and talented woman like Suzanne, has made me cool in spite of myself:)


I’m Not Cool
(Craig Bignell and Suzanne Levesque)
I’m not cool. No, I ain’t.
No matter how I try to walk that walk, I surely cain’t
If you wanna change this cowboy, it’ll take a lot more than paint.
I’m not cool. No, I ain’t
Most of my friends in the music business, just seem to have this thing.
When they walk in the room, every head turns, like a bell started to ring.
Then, I walk in un-noticed,
and walk out the same way,
like invisible man in his birthday suit, no-one looks my way!
I’m not cool, how could I be?
You can take a boy from the country, but you can’t take the country outa’ me. Guess my dusty boots and cowboy hat, ain’t their cup of tea....
I’m not’s plain to see?
But somehow I caught the eye of the sweetest girl. and she thinks the world of me.
She loves me just the way I am,
and the way I’ll always be.
Her face is one of an angel
and her voice just floats you along. Her smile can light up the darkest night, and fill your heart with a song.
I’m still not cool, but just the other day, while strolling with my sweetheart, every head turned our way.
I felt right as rain in spring time, proud as punch on that happy day.
So now I’m cool, cause she makes me that way. .Yodel